Resources For Craft Talks

This List is VERY partial. You can find craft articles in many other publications, include the AWP Chronicle and Poets and Writers.

The Art of Description: World into Word, Mark Doty
Bringing the Devil to His Knees, Baxter and Turchi
Burning Down the House, Baxter
The Half Known World, Boswell
From Where You Dream, Butler
Mystery and Manners: Occasional Prose, Flannery O'Connor
The Art of Fiction: Notes on Craft for Young Writers, Gardner

Graywolf Press has an entire series of books of literary craft (not all of them are specific to fiction, so check with me to make sure one will be okay):,com_phpshop/page,shop.browse/category_id,bf8108ff1901b3e2f2376627dd7f8c0d/